About us

Value-Add is a team of professionally accredited Chartered Accountants with two decades of combined experience across Business Services, Tax & Accounting and Commercial Finance Business Partnering. Our founding principles are based on fair pricing and excellent value. 

Specialising in Tax & Accounting, Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses, our enthusiasm to engage, discuss and plan with clients is fundamental to how we deliver value so they too are future-focused. 

We are here to help.

overwhelmed with business administration and struggling to stay focused or struggling to find time to build your business?

uncertain about the numbers that make a difference to your business? 

unsure why your business doesn't have cash, even though it is profitable? 

ready for a well-guided hand? 

If accounting, tax and/or financial issues are affecting you and your business, or simply taking your time and effort away from what you would rather be doing, the Value-Add team can be trusted to provide you with immediate and reliable assistance. 

From managing your books and lodging tax returns to being your Chief Financial Officer ensuring your business maintains a healthy financial position and continues to thrive, we are here to help.

Put simply, we can remove the stress of never-ending book work, overdue tax lodgements and inaccurate financial reports. Giving you the time to focus on your business's day-to-day operations and what matters most to you, personally.

Contact us now for a free health check of your accounts and a proposal tailored to your needs.